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8 Best Facts on Star Wars You May Don’t Know!


This legendary science fiction, Star Wars, is a widely popular series that have embraced and impacted a lot of viewers from across the world. It is not news that Star Wars from its initial period onwards has enhanced a lot of peer love. The music and all other elements that Star Wars has made the series into a blockbuster. However, there are many secret facts you may or may not know about Star Wars. In the following article, we will see many facts regarding Star Wars. Without creating many further dialogues, let us dive right into the post.

  1. The first fact you may or may not know about the star wars is that Yoda was a character that was played by a monkey ‘almost.’ It was George Lucas who thought of playing Yoda character where a monkey will be wearing a mask as well as a cane. This idea was later dropped.
  2. ‘Ewok’ was never mentioned in the actual trilogy. There is a reason why. The name of the cuddliest and the cutest species that comes for the Star Wars universe was never spoken, but you can only see it during the closing credits time.


  1. Jedi’s return was expected to be different. When George Lucas moved with the idea when Vader dies and take his helmet and wear and self proclaims as the new Vader, and then continues his journey to the Dark side.
  2. When describing the move, Yoda was seen to have only three toes in one movie. But, in the film, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and the Sith, Yoda was seen to have more than three toes.
  3. Another fascinating part of Star Wars is that one cannot find any female fighter pilots in the actual original series or movies. Even though they played a significant role in the movie, in the final cut, they were banished. The scene was cut.
  4. You may not know that Chewbacca’s voice was actually a combination of other animal voices. These animals include bears, lions, badgers, and walruses. These were actually the dying sound of these animals.

Darth Vader

  1. Another thing you may not know is that Darth Vader is banished from all the Star Wars Parties held. The actor actually is banned from all the reputed parties as George Lucas find this personality very annoying whatsoever!
  2. Another fascinating rather sorrowful fact about star Wars is that David Lynch passed on while directing Jedi. It was when Lucas asked Lynch to direct the film.

Wrap up

Without any doubt, we can say that Star Wars is definitely the best of the best science fiction series we may have ever watched. The above-given post is everything about the fascinating facts about Star Wars. If you have not yet started watching any of these episodes, we recommend you to give it a watch.

Top 5 Reasons Star Wars Fans Love Baby Yoda

Star Wars Fans Love Baby Yoda

It is not rocket science to understand that Star Wars and Baby Yoda changed the world. It has also made a significant impact on many people to embrace the show and even wait for baby Yoda too. It has outdone in terms of series. One of the strongest characters we will see here from Star Wars is none other Baby Yoda. It was in Chapter 1: The Mandalorian when Baby Yoda first appeared. From there, the social media and all other social platform embraced this character due to its cute and cuddly face. Here in the following article, we will see some of the facts related to Baby Yoda. We are sure you will love reading and is waiting for someone to come up with the notion of why Baby Yoda is so cute. So, here we are tributing this article to each and every one of you. Without any further dialogues, let us hit the article.

  1. The first reason is where people actually think Baby Yoda is actually Yoda. Is that so? There are many articles and studies that show PROBABLY this can be a false interpretation. The Star Wars fans have recognized and mentioned the characters as Baby Yoda as an infant, not only that toddlers are very tough, and you can see that for yourself in the series.
  2. Since the character is Baby Yoda, his or her skills are not yet developed. But, one thing is for sure that the character has a lot of force and energy within it. This is what we see in the further episodes of The Mandalorian battles. He or she just lifts the hand, and certain events turn out. These events made Baby Yoda gets a lot of fans.

Baby Yoda

  1. This is a secret that is no longer a secret, we have already mentioned about this reason. The reason why Baby Yoda has a lot of fan base is due to its cute face and long ears. His look in the series make anybody go ‘aww!’ there are a lot of people who tweeted ‘ it is a heartbreakingly beautiful site to see Baby Yoda’ meaning. Extremely cute. There are also people who said,’ if my future baby doesn’t look like Baby Yoda, I don’t want a baby.’
  2. Another reason why Baby Yoda has a lot of fan base is due to the technology used in the universe, Cloning technology. There are many studies that show that the universe has a clone army. Therefore, people believe that Baby Yoda is also a Clone.
  3. There is also another conception that Baby Yoda is Yoda’s baby. There are also studies that show Yoda is not a fan of romance or relationships, so, having a baby out of a relationship can be very uncanny.
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